Grounds for Thought

We at Giovanni’s would like to highlight three of our common practices regarding our ground beef that help us stand out in the marketplace.

First off, we never use highly processed scrap tube meat in our ground beef to you. This provides a fresh, longer lasting product that doesn’t shrink when you cook it. We can attest that even our burgers have minimal shrink to them.

Secondly, we have been sourcing nearly 90% of all our meat (with the exception of our fish) within the state of Ohio. Ask us about our products and we’ll be happy to share with you what is local and what is not. You can also ask for organic grass-fed beef which we have but do not display.

Thirdly, we have an expanded line of burgers and sausages ready for you to cook, grill, bake or sauté and share with your friends and family. We are proud of our meats and continue to develop recipes for you to take a cook with minimal prep work.

With everything we accomplish, we try the products before they are sold to you, so at least we like them. We are looking for feedback on our items, so if you would be so kind to send us an email, drop by and give us your thumbs up (or down), we can better know what we should continue or stop making. We want to be the shop that continues to provide a tasty offering, not an ever growing tasteless offering.