A Lighter Fare

Being as carnivorous as we are, we at Giovanni’s have a soft spot for  veal and lamb.  These are traditionally considered light fare and are not as popular in America as in other countries,  but the delicate nature of the meat doesn’t stem from price or its light flavor, but rather from the rich and bold flavors that are created from simple recipes – but be careful not to overcook them because you’ll be left with a tough piece of meat that has been stripped of its flavor and health benefits (see links for recipe below).

Veal has less fat per serving than beef and much less saturated fat which makes it easy to overcook and dry out. Lamb is an excellent source of iron and can provide over 100% of your daily needed B12 and cooks like a steak – from rare to medium well is what we suggest for chops.

As with most international meats, flavors will change with region. Lamb from New Zealand won’t be the same as lamb from America. Beef from Mexico will not be the same as beef from the UK. Nothing beats the flavor of an American raised product.  We have included a recipe for each below for you to try.

For lamb chops try: Click here

For veal chops try: Click here

Lamb loin chop as light fare

Lamb loin chop as light fare

Health facts from: Veal