What is the goal of Giovanni’s?

The goal of Giovanni’s is to provide locally sourced, healthy products to our customers. Quality and clean working conditions are what we focus on to achieve the best products that you won’t find in most grocery stores.

Do you do any custom processing?

Yes we do. If you would like us to make a special sausage recipe or thin slice raw meats for a dish, we can do that. We are only limited by products not slaughtered by an USDA inspected facility. This means we cannot process your wild catch during hunting season as it is against the law.

What specialty meats do you carry?

When it comes to specialty meats, we do not usually carry it on hand. However, with a little bit of research and time we are able to get a very large variety of meats.

Are discounts available on large purchases like an entire case of frozen perch?

Yes, customers can still enjoy 10% off a case of anything including wine and sauces.

This offer does not include items already discounted 10% or more.