Local Meat at its Best

Local Meat at its Best
 People are obsessed with food and we at Giovanni’s share that fascination.  Whether we feel guilt for eating a nice juicy burger or pride for making a healthier choice, we boast about what we eat on social media millions of times per day.  Where our food comes from is even more important, although not shared as often with our friends.   This phenomena of sourcing “local”  makes a lot of sense if you think about it-who would want to consume something that was pumped full of preservatives or steroids just to travel 3,000 miles across the country to your local grocery chain?
If you research the definition of “local” meat, you’d be surprised it doesn’t exist.  Many vendors and suppliers have their own definition.  But because of the world food shortage of the 1970’s, suppliers and vendors alike have to be more prepared to answer just where food come from.
As a result of this push to source food and meat, small time butchery is making its debut back into the era of technology and IPAs as butchers have a passion for high-quality and local meat from farmers they know. Ours definition of local is that our meat was raised and processed within state lines.  But for most large meat sellers, this seems impossible since Ohio isn’t a top cattle producing state (ranking 25th out of 50 states). It’s a good thing that our new supplier out of Ashland, Ohio allows us to pinpoint the farm at which our beef was raised and cared for. With prices at industry average and quality that beats what gets shipped in vacuum sealed bags from multiple states over, we can confidently say we are providing our customers with the best, closest and freshest beef you’ll find.
If you happen to be curious about the farms that contribute cattle to our supplier, see this link for more information.In the meantime, head over to Giovanni’s for the highest-quality meats and customer service, you won’t be disappointed!
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